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OsteoCare - the Patient Friendly Implants Brings Your Smile Back to Life.

OsteoCare - the Patient Friendly Implants
Brings Your Smile Back to Life

OsteoCare is British Made Dental Implant System-providing smiles to patients for decades: improving appearance, functionality and self-confidence.

OsteoCare also provides ball type implants that stabilise dentures - eliminating the need for denture adhesive. This in itself, instils confidence, when speaking, eating, laughing and a return to normal functionality.

Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth and will need the same oral care. Generally, brushing with a normal toothbrush and flossing is all that is required to maintain the implants.

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia. There may be a little discomfort immediately after surgery, but this is to be expected and may be treated with a mild painkiller.

Your dentist will run through all treatment options and advise you of the procedure, healing time and cost at your initial appointment.

The usual healing period for the bone to integrate with the implant is 3-4 months. In some cases our implants can be immediately loaded with a temporary crown until the implant has integrated, then a permanent crown will be fitted, which will result in less dental appointments.

All our implants have a thread that is sympathetic to bone and gum, which lessens aggravation to the implant site. In some cases, implants may be placed without cutting the gum, which is less invasive, providing a gentler healing period and therefore more patient friendly.

Prices vary from £1000 - £2000.

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