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We want you to be our patients for life.   

We want you to be our patients for life. We feel that if we provide you with professional honest advice, and back this up with high quality, gentle care that is made to last, then you will want to return to us. Whether you visit our office for a routine professional cleaning or you see our dentist to get our invisible RXaligners, know that we will only offer you the best in dental treatment. We value your trust in our practice and so we aim to do everything we can to make your appointments with us as comfortable as possible.

High quality, independent, ‘gentle’ dentistry with leading dental implant and orthodontic solutions. Come see a trusted Crawley dentist in our office and experience quality dental care today. Our services include tooth extractions, root canal treatments, and most cosmetic dentistry procedures. Even if you simply need a dentist in Crawley for the more rudimentary dental services, our hygienists are ready to clean, scale and polish your teeth upon request. We cannot stress enough how our office will take good care of your teeth and overall oral health. We provide only the best in dental care while keeping our prices well within most people’s means as we believe that you have a right to quality care at an affordable price. We will treat you in the same way that we expect to be treated if we were in your shoes. If you believe this is what you deserve then we invite you to become a part of our practice; contact us right away to start experiencing that. Additionally, we can take appointments on Saturdays and during the evenings for patients in dire need of an emergency dentist in Crawley to attend to more urgent conditions.

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Treatments Available & Prices

Dental Crowns are used to strengthen your existing damaged tooth to protect its functionality. Crowns restore cracked, broken and damaged teeth. They can also be called caps as they often sit over your damaged tooth and protect the outer surface.   View treatment details

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Dental implants are recommended if you have one, or multiple, missing teeth, designed to act as a replacement or artificial substitution for the root portion of your natural tooth.    View treatment details

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Dentures are used to cover missing teeth and can be removed from your mouth and be put back in whenever you choose. Dentures are created to suit your mouth and can be either full or partial.   View treatment details

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A hygienist’s main area of work is to prevent and treat gum disease and this includes professionally cleaning your teeth, sometimes referred to as scaling and polishing, when you visit the dentist or book an appointment specifically to see a hygienist.   View treatment details

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Philips Zoom teeth whitening is a unique procedure which is designed to effectively whiten teeth in an hour. This professional tooth whitening treatment is always carried out at a dental practice using a Zoom White Speed Lamp to speed up the process.   View treatment details

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Root canal treatment is the term given to the procedure that aims to save the natural tooth following tooth decay and infection of the pulpal tissue. It is sometimes referred to as endodontics.   View treatment details

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Snap-On Smile is a removable cosmetic dental appliance that is preparation-free, injection-free, and adhesive-free. If you want a beautiful, white smile without any lasting dental treatment such as orthodontiocs, Snap on Smile may be the answer.   View treatment details

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Straumann is a Swiss dental implants brand, with a reputation for producing a range of dental implants and associated tools and products with signature Swiss precision and accuracy.   View treatment details

Tooth whitening involves lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. There are several options available depending on how much you wish to spend and whether you would like to visit a dentist or do at home.   View treatment details

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Tooth extraction is a process where one or more of your teeth is completely removed from your mouth. It is likely that your dentist will carry out this procedure, but in some cases you may be referred to hospital where a surgeon will carry out the removal   View treatment details

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A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain, or a natural coloured composite material, which made to fit over the front surface of your tooth to improve its appearance, shape, or position. If you have badly damaged or crooked teeth, the solution may be a veneer   View treatment details

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Composite fillings, otherwise known as white fillings, are used to restore teeth that have decayed. White fillings are also used for cosmetic purposes, changing the colour of the teeth to a more desirable shade.   View treatment details

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Rachel is a fabulous assistant and will go very far in her profession.


Divian is the best dentist I have been treated by; I hope that he oversees my teeth in the future.


Rachel and Divian are a fantastic team and have put my mouth back together.

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