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Bhavin qualified at the University of the Witwatersand in Johannesburg South Africa, in 2000 with merit awards in General Medicine, General Surgery and Operative Dentistry. In 2006, he embarked on formal postgraduate studies, which culminated in an MSC in Clinical Periodontology (2010).

Bhavin has attended extensive postgraduate courses nationally, in Europe and the USA and continues to do so. He also teaches his colleagues regularly. Bhavin’s areas of interest include surgical periodontology, including regenerative and reparative procedures in particular soft tissue grafting procedures, treatment of gingival recessions and mucogingival surgery.  He also provides crown lengthening procedures for aesthetic and restorative procedures.

In addition, Bhavin has been involved in restorative implant dentistry since 2002 and has an extensive experience in even more complex implant cases and several different implant systems.

Distance: 33.32 miles