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General and Cosmetic Dentist (GDC 112735)
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, ESAO, BDA

  • Adult cosmetic orthodontics.
  • Treating nervous patients.
  • Treating children, including functional jaw orthodontics.
  • General dentistry.
  • Cosmetic dentistry.


Emily graduated from Bristol in 2007, and has worked in Shrewsbury since then (apart from a year working in Sydney), including a year at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital maxillo-facial surgery department.

Emily has been a private dentist since 2009 and has worked at Esthetique Dental since it opened.

Emily's hobbies include walking, netball, skiing, baking and travelling.

“I like for all my patients to feel happy and confident when they smile, and tailor my treatment to suit each patient’s individual needs. In particular I enjoy treating children and guiding them through their childhood years to have as little dental treatment as possible. I also like to spend time with my patients who have developed a fear of dental treatment, and slowly re-establishing patients to overcome their fear.”

Distance: 139.80 miles