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Here at Smileworks we work hard searching for the best and brightest people to join our team - and this often means looking a little further afield than Liverpool. After graduating in the top 1% of her class at Semmelweis University, Shirin went straight into private practice and begun her glittering career as a dentist.

Shirin is a true artist (having taken painting classes since the age of 5) and she uses her fine attention to detail and obsession with perfection every single day at Smileworks.

She has an interest in adult orthodontics and has finished dozens of braces cases, made beautiful dentures and literally changed people's lives with her restorations and smile make-overs.

Being really good at more than one thing can be frustrating, and Shirin could have missed her calling as an architect, having designed her parents villa at the tender age of 17. They liked the plans so much they followed her design precisely. So if you're looking for a truly talented practitioner, full of energy, bright as a button and who speaks four languages, then Shirin is the choice for you.

Distance: 176.80 miles