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Paula is our therapist of extraordinary qualification and capability. She's always loved dentistry, starting her career as a dental nurse and taking her exams to achieve the coveted triple qualification from the Royal College of Surgeons. She's only one of a handful of therapists in the UK who can boast such a high level of academic prowess – and that makes her a pretty special member of the team here at Smileworks.

Paula takes gum health very seriously and if you're lucky enough to be her patient you can feel absolutely confident that your mouth is going to be in tip top condition.

Although the 2015 winner of the Royal College of Surgeons Medal in Orthodontic Therapy, patients are usually more interested to know where Paula got her name. Could it be her uncanny resemblance to Disney's million dollar Fawn, or possibly the name could originate from the day she turned up for work wearing odd shoes with different length heels. Make an appointment and I'm sure you'll find out.

Distance: 176.80 miles