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Our team is small and intimate. The people I work with are friends, not colleagues. Heidi babysat for me on Friday night and we often pop into each other's houses for a cuppa. Because we all get on so well we can speak openly and honestly. Being able to discuss something immediately and directly, to pick up a shortfall, give some guidance or praise great work, is what I think ensures our success. We all work as a unit so if I have a break between patients and everyone else is busy, I will make the tea or do the filing – just like they would do for me.

Claire graduated from Cardiff University in 2006. Claire is a Dental Therapist and is qualified to carry out all treatment that a hygienist can provide but in addition to this she can carry out fillings on both adults and children and can remove children's teeth (if they are a little bit wobbly and need a little help!).

Claire has received tooth whitening at White.

Distance: 68.08 miles