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Hello, my name is Neil, I am a Qualified Nurse Practitioner and Prescriber.  
You will be treated in a modern clinical and comfortable environment where you will receive a confidential and bespoke service.

All treatments that include wrinkle-relaxation treatment, ( Botox,) are subject to a face to face consultation as some of these medications are a prescription only medications, some skin treatment again may need a consultation and possible referral to a General Medical Practitioner before treatments can go ahead.

It  is Essential when looking for an Aesthetic Practitioner. that you first, make sure they are qualified to do the procedure that you require, and that will be no problems, as we love showing off our certificates, but having a certificate in its self guarantees nothing, check them out, find out if they have a Facebook, Twitter accounts, do they have a website, do they have have testimonials, read them.

Word of mouth is fantastic advertising, if you know some one that had non surgical aesthetic procedures carried out, ask then who did it, and how good where they, in doing planing, carrying out the procedure and their after care, always remember, having a non surgical aesthetic procedure is not a case of going cut price, its an experience that should be, exciting, and rewarding with a good result and great after care.

A knowledgeable practitioner should be able to guide you through every step of the process, to answer your questions honestly and in great detail, only then can you give an informed consent to go ahead with the procedure

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