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Gillian Cottam is a highly trained expert in Orthodontics with over 30 years’ experience, privileged to have studied with experts in the UK, Canada, The USA and Australia.

Dr Cottam has treated over 600 cases with Invisalign.

Gillian is dedicated to on-going education, self-improvement and training:

  • She has trained General Dental Practitioners with a special interest in Orthodontics for the past 25 years.
  • Has been an active member of the Midland Orthodontic Society, the British Orthodontic Society, representing the Orthodontic Specialist Group on the Development and Standards Committee.
  • Is the past membership secretary of the Orthodontic Specialist Group and past president of the Midland Orthodontic Society.
  • Is an International Member of the American Association of Orthodontists (since 1986)
  • For 4 years Gillian was a joint Vocational Dental Trainer with her husband, David, a Registered Specialist in Surgical Dentistry, who specialises in implants, advanced cosmetic work at the Harborne surgery.
  • The past Treasurer of The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • She has 20 years teaching experience at Birmingham University

Gillian Cottam is a highly trained expert in Orthodontics and a specialist in Invisalign treatments; having successfully treated over 600 Invisalign cases and planned nearly 1000 cases. She has been treating and re-treating orthodontic cases for years. Dr Cottam has advised Invisalign on improving their services and treatments for patients undergoing Invisalign treatment and is a current member of the Invisalign advisory board.

She has designed Palatal Attachments and has presented these at the national Orthodontics Conference.

Gillian has treated many highly complex cases previously thought beyond Orthodontics alone or Invisalign therapy. she is known  as the “Invisalign Queen!”

The surgery opened in 1984 with Dr Cottam working part time whilst commuting to Canada and has expanded over the last 30 years to occupy most of the building. Refurbishment is planned for 2014 and we apologise for any inconvenience whilst this is carried out.

The Practice philosophy has always been to “Treat the worthwhile – treat them as you would your own family”

Gillian Cottam and her highly trained loyal and dedicated team have always strived to inform, educate and enlighten all visitors to the Practice on the opportunities to improve their smiles. Smile makeovers are offered with free photograph consultation for Invisalign Therapy. Other short term orthodontic measures are considered only where appropriate.

Dr Cottam and her team have recently undertaken Inman, Inline and Incognito training.

Each patient is treated as an individual.

All patients are introduced to others to encourage confidence in their appearance and full involvement and understanding of their own treatment. Many patients, even whilst quite young, understand more about their own treatment than trained healthcare workers!

Confidence building and boosting has been a hidden spin off, but definite aim of the Practice from the beginning.

Patients, parents and family provide enormous support on many levels but individual ownership of the treatment by the patient is empowering.

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