Will my teeth be suitable for orthodontic treatment?


Dr Daniel Rogers answers a patients question on their suitability for orthodontic treatment:

My left front tooth overlaps the next left with a gap. However as the front left tooth is overlapping over the years it's also slanted. 
I am 43 yrs old and in general my teeth are rather ok. Would it be possible to straighten or wud I need em shaved and capped ? 
This shape ^ is like the gap and overlap !

" Slanted teeth at the front of the mouth can usually be straightened very easily. This can be done at any stage in a persons life so long as the teeth and gums are healthy. Small gaps between front teeth can also be addressed at the same time. It is usually much better to align the slanted teeth first and then if needed consider further improvement to the way the teeth look by placing veneers that require very little (if any) tooth shaving. 

As always, to determine the best approach you will need an full examination with a recommended dentist. Best wishes, Dr Rogers"

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