Which breast is best?


Fulvio Urso-Baiarda is a consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and Comparethetreatment.com expert.

He says that when it comes to breast augmentation choice, there is no one right answer.

It will depend on exactly what you are looking for. Your surgeon should run through each option and explain the effect of each decision, until you get something tailor made for you.

Fulvio is happy to explain the implications of each decision should you wish for him to expand in our Ask an Expert section.

In the meantime, he walks up through the treatment options for breast augmentation

Traditional techniques

  • Breast Implants
  • Above/below the muscle
  • Round/teardrop implants
  • Variations in the implant shell (outer envelope)
  • Variations in the implant gel (filler)

Up and coming techniques

Fat grafting

What it is:

Removal of fat by liposuction, purifying it and carefully re-injecting it back into the breasts.


No implant – so no chance of infection, rupture, having to change it later, or just not liking something foreign in your body.

Because it is totally natural your enhanced breasts will behave like any other part of your body – gaining or losing weight when you do, ageing as you age, dropping to the sides when you lie down.


A proportion of what is injected is lost, so you can’t quite predict the size you will achieve.

Some women don’t want their breasts to look natural! That’s why they’re having a breast enhancement.

Other options

‘Botox breast lift’

It doesn’t work. Quickly leave the premises if anyone offers this, and don’t turn around. The ‘science’ of this appears to be something along the lines of: Botox makes people’s faces look younger, and women want their breasts to look younger, so let’s Botox those, too. The trouble is, Botox works by paralysing muscles responsible for wrinkles, which is relevant in a forehead but not so much in a breast, which – and this is the crucial point – isn’t a muscle.

Weekend breast lift

This does work but it’s not a great idea. Never heard of it? Perhaps that’s for the best but, in short, this is a technique where your breasts are increased in size by injecting them with sterile salty water.

It truly will enhance breast size. It truly will be temporary – maybe 12-24 hours, depending on the volume of fluid injected. During that time, the effect will gradually fade as the fluid is reabsorbed by the body. This would be a disadvantage to most, but could be an advantage to some – for example, increasing your breasts for ‘that’ dress at a particular party, without having them during tea with your in-laws.

So, what’s the problem? First of all, there’s the cost. At a cool £1k, do this a few times a year and you may as well have just gone for something a bit more permanent. Secondly, if you do repeat this a few times – and chances are that you would – you would be putting your breasts through rapid cycles of enlargement and deflation. A couple of other things cause breast enlargement and deflation, such as breastfeeding and weight fluctuations. And nobody ever asks me to make their breasts look like they’ve had four children or lost a load of weight.

3D Technology

One way to see how your breasts will look with enhancements (before going under the knife) is to see them on the screen using the latest 3D implant technology. This is a service that I offer and is great fun. It helps women decide which size is best for them as they can see a photo of themselves on screen with different size breasts (to scale) before making any big decisions.
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