Vanquish Body Sculpting System


Vanquish is the world’s first contactless fat removal system. It’s heat generated device breaks down fat cells and can trim down inches from the waist, hips, buttocks and upper arms. As no contact is made with the skin, the patient is able to relax whilst the treatment is administered. It also benefits from virtually no risk or discomfort.

What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a system of body sculpting or body contouring using energy-assisted fat reduction. The Vanquish device uses focused-field radio frequency to target, heat and destroy the fat cells, so it’s non-surgical, non-invasive and completely contactless. It can be used on the back, thighs and abdomen.

What happens during Vanquish treatment?

The Vanquish device does not need to touch the skin, but heats fat via panels positioned around the area of the body to be treated. Each session lasts around 30 minutes. The fat cells are destroyed by the heat (a process called apoptosis) and metabolised by your lymphatic system during the following weeks.

Most patients have between four and six weekly Vanquish body contouring treatments. Experts advise that four treatments is the minimum number required for maximum benefits, and recommend that for best results and your comfort, you should ensure you’re well hydrated before and after your treatment.

What are the benefits of Vanquish treatment?

Treatments are short and leave you with no ill-effects (although you may have slight redness and a feeling of warmth on your skin for an hour or two). This means that you can carry on with your day straight after treatment. The Vanquish device’s no-contact method and ability to treat large areas makes it a very simple and popular body sculpting treatment. The effects of Vanquish body contouring treatments should last a lifetime, but obviously Vanquish treatments can’t ‘future-proof’ you against fat you may lay down in future, so you’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some patients may choose to have yearly booster treatments.

What are the disadvantages of Vanquish?

There shouldn’t be any unpleasant side effects, and Vanquish body contouring treatment carries no known risks. However, although you may see some improvement within a few days, the effects are not instant. Because your body has to break down and eliminate the destroyed fat cells, you will see gradual improvement in your body shape during the 2-4 months after finishing treatment.

How much does Vanquish treatment cost?

The price of Vanquish treatment is around £400- £500 a session, with many clinics offering a reduced rate for a course of four body sculpting treatments.

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