Vaginal laxity – why treatments mean it is no longer a taboo subject


Vaginal laxity is one of the most common health concerns among women but, until recently, was rarely discussed.

Childbirth, ageing, and certain medical conditions affect collagen levels in the skin and vaginal tissue, creating a feeling of looseness but, thankfully, is not as much of a taboo subject as it was a few years ago.

Increasingly, more women are having the confidence to speak about the issue and talk about how it affects their sexual health and wellbeing.
Dr Sabika Karim, of the Revere Clinic in London’s Harley Street, says: ‘Vaginal laxity is not as much of a taboo subject as it was a few years ago. As more and more women learn how common the condition is, they are having the confidence to speak about the issue. The media has helped the cause with how they are becoming more open to even using the term “vagina”; now the goal is to drive home the importance of women’s sexual and overall health.’

Is there a rise in the number of women seeking solutions for this problem?

Yes, of course the condition is not new but, now that there’s a non-surgical solution for it, we’re seeing the demand. It’s not just about how a woman looks on the outside that’s important to her but, ultimately, how she feels on the inside, and it’s clear treatment has given our patients back some measure of control over her own body and the inevitable changes.

What are the main causes of it? 

Just like skin, vaginal tissue relies on collagen and elastin for its support. With the normal aging process or physical stresses from child bearing, the tissue can become overstretched and weakened.  The result is very commonly a feeling of vaginal looseness called laxity – the side-effects of which can be diminished physical sensation during intercourse as well as issues with urinary incontinence.  

What treatment can you offer and how does it work?

We offer the Geneveve treatment that is specifically designed to help the millions of women who would otherwise silently accept vaginal laxity. Geneveve works at a cellular level to stimulate your own body to rebuild and restore collagen within the vaginal tissue – without surgery, without pain and without down time. Taking just 30 minutes, Geneveve delivers patented deep heating using radio frequency and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s own natural regenerative processes.

Is it safe?

The Geneveve treatment is a safe and respectful treatment that is also comfortable—it does not require local or topical numbing medication.  The Geneveve treatment, which treats just the lower third of the vagina, protects the surface tissue with patented cooling, while at the same time it gently heats the vaginal tissue beneath. This means you return to normal activities immediately and there is no need for special after-care.

Is there evidence to support its use?

Yes. The Geneveve treatment utilises the Viveve System, a patented, radiofrequency technology for tightening the tissues around the vaginal introitus or opening. Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, the Geneveve by Viveve treatment can tighten vaginal tissue without incisions, tissue ablation, or anaesthesia. 

How quickly will I see results?

Geneveve is a single-session solution - its lasting results mean only one treatment should be needed to feel a difference. Everyone’s baseline level of laxity and natural response mechanisms may vary, but results typically peak at around 90 days and will still be evident in excess of 12 months.

Do you carry out a comprehensive consultation – what questions will I get asked?

Yes, we always request that a new patient has a detailed consultation beforehand so the doctor can determine if Geneveve is right for them based on their medical history. We also ask that the patient has an up-to-date negative (normal) smear test and they don’t have a coil in situ.

I get embarrassed easily – how can you reassure me?

The treatment is carried out by highly skilled, medical professionals who have a wealth of experience in treating women for sensitive issues, plus the treatment only takes 30 minutes so will be over before you know it! Some of our patients have actually fallen asleep during the treatment!

Will it affect my sex life?

Importantly, the Geneveve treatment is not about cosmetic appearance, it is about how a woman feels. Only Geneveve shows clinically validated improvements in tightness, sexual sensation and satisfaction. A gratifying sex-life correlates to overall health and vitality, so by improving a woman’s sex life, the Geneveve treatment contributes to overall well-being.

Is there a lower/upper age limit when it comes to efficacy?

It’s hard to specify a recommended age for the treatment, as your need for it can be very dependent on lifestyle. For example, if you’ve had children, the treatment may be more effective and feel more noticeable to you than to someone else your age who has never given birth. The vaginal tissue also becomes weakened from the natural ageing process, so the older you are, the more likely it is that you will benefit from the treatment - especially if you’ve had children.

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