The best tools to care for your teeth


Have you ever wondered if flossing is necessary? Or if you really need to brush your teeth as often as your dentist tells you to?

A new study has revealed the best ways for all of us to prevent gum disease . 

Undertaken by a team at the University at Buffalo, the study aims to separate fact from fiction to work out the tools that actually work. 

Reliable and efficient

So what were the results?

Tooth brushing is undeniably the cornerstone of one's daily oral health routine. Frank Scannapieco, a professor of oral biology and principal investigator on the study, calls it a reliable and efficient way to control gum disease.

The research also found that interdental brushes and water picks are a prime method for oral health upkeep.

Used in combination with daily tooth brushing, the pair make a great team when it comes to preventing gum disease.

Significant tool

'While there are few studies available that specifically examined toothbrushes or floss alone, both are still essential,' said Scannapieco.

'Floss is especially useful to remove interdental plaque for people who have tight space between their teeth. Floss is also likely reduces the risk for cavities that from between the teeth.'

Additionally they discovered that mouthwashes – particularly those based on CHZ, CPC and essential oils – were effective at 'significantly reducing' plaque and gingivitis. 

'Patients can be confident that the oral care tools and practices supported by research, as described in the paper, will prevent the initiation and progression of periodontal disease, if they are performed regularly and properly,' added Scannapieco.

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