Stop beauticians offering Botox, aesthetic nurses urge


Aesthetic nurses want us to seek Botox and dermal fillers only from clinicians only – for the sake of our safety.

With the injectables market largely unregulated in the UK at present, cosmetic nurses are unhappy that Botox and dermal fillers continue to be administered by non-health professionals whilst remaining readily available in hair and beauty salons.

As more and more of us seek cosmetic treatments, aesthetic nurses reveal that they have ‘no confidence in the present situation in the UK, whereby non-health groups are providing facial cosmetic injectable medicines, commonly referred to as Botox and fillers’.

Aesthetic nurse Cheryl Barton, who is also managing director at Aesthetika in Sheffield, says, said: ‘This practice doesn't happen in any other country in Europe, US, Canada or Australia and, until there is evidence that the training is adequate and the public are safe, we would suggest that those considering these types of treatments first consult with a doctor, dentist or registered nurse.

‘We have no confidence in the training supervision mentoring offered by non-health groups. We do not agree that Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration of graduate-trained nurses can be compared in any way with a voluntary scheme for untrained or barely trained beauticians and urge that those comparisons cease.’

She also urged that prescribers cease providing prescriptions for beauticians.

The proposal will take place at the 6th National Aesthetic Nursing Conference at the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool. The event is organised by the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing.

Editor Natasha Devan, who launched the journal in 2012, welcomed the proposed motion, saying: ‘The UK is falling seriously short of international standards here, taking dangerous shortcuts with people’s health by allowing Botox and fillers to be given by those without comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, consent and complications management.’
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