Shocking botched beauty treatment illustrates just why ‘time is more valuable than money’


Enhancing the way we look has never been so easy and there are seemingly an infinite number of beauty products available to us to make this happen.

Many are not only readily available online and carefully curated by websites with recommendations too, but are also there to be purchased at prices that perhaps fall into the category of ‘cheap’ or ‘a bargain’.

When it comes to aesthetics, re-vamping our make-up or toiletries bag is made simple with the likes of Look Fantastic and All Beauty websites that offer a massive range of discounted beauty products – all available to us at the click of a button.

But when it comes to buying beauty in the form of cosmetic treatments, is there an option for those savvy shoppers in the hunt for more affordable procedures?

In truth, should we be considering any aesthetics treatment, the most important aspect of this choice is not the financial implications, more the hours spent researching and preparing.

‘Time is more valuable than money’ as the business philosopher Jim Rohn once said and you are likely to lose out by racing into a treatment without planning.

Rohn also said ‘make sure the outside of you is a good reflection of the inside of you’ and, although he was talking more about business than aesthetics, it is this point that needs serious consideration when it comes to choosing the right clinician for the procedure – and the results – you desire.

The time element of cosmetic procedures should be reflected in quality care, the clinical results and the after care. You need to take time to choose both treatment and clinician. You should also allow time to see the results. Aesthetic procedures are very often a slow burner, which means the results take time to settle.

This weekend, Comparethetreatment expert and #safetyinbeauty campaigner Antonia Mariconda urged us all to ‘do our homework’ when it comes to choosing the right clinician – qualified and experienced – for the right cosmetic procedure.

She posted these horrific images on Facebook and wrote: ‘British law needs to change and this is WHY.
‘This is what happens when a non medically qualified poorly trained individual misleads the public into believing they are “experts at aesthetics” – this young lady is left devastated after being, in her words “butchered”, by an unscrupulous “practitioner” who refused to sort the mess out and passed it over.’

Shocking botched beauty treatment illustrates just why ‘time is more valuable than money’
It went on to say ‘A qualified experienced medical doctor has been left to sort out the mess wreaked upon the youngster, her mother is angry – she is angry and they want answers. British law needs to change and this is WHY


Antonia added: ‘Please share the post to help people understand the importance of doing your research.’
If you have any concerns speak to our expert Antonia Mariconda

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