Men who have hair transplants are rated more youthful, attractive, successful and approachable, says survey


A new study reveals that men who underwent hair transplant surgery are more perceived as more attractive.

The research suggests men with androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness who underwent hair transplant were rated by observers as more youthful, attractive, successful and approachable.

All those factors can play a role in workplace and social success.

Greg Williams is a plastic surgeon specialising in hair restoration and is a expert.

He says: "If you have thinning hair at any age, it can have a very real impact on self-confidence, everyday life and interpersonal relationships. More men are opting for cosmetic procedures as the pressure to look good, driven by traditional and social media, increases.

"It is generally accepted that hair thinning is devastating for women. However many men are just as traumatised and having their hair restored can make an enormous difference to how they feel about themselves. We live in an image-driven society and men who lose their hair often feel disadvantaged in terms of attractiveness."

The authors surveyed 122 people (about 48% of whom were men) and participants were asked to rate 13 pairs of images. Seven men in the pictures had hair transplant and six men who did not have hair restoration served as controls for comparison.

Limitations of the study include its small population and study design but the authors said: "These findings are relevant in building an evidence-based body of literature surrounding the efficacy of hair transplant in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia."

Greg Williams adds: "It's important to remember that male pattern hair loss is not part of the ageing process it's a medical condition that doesn't affect everyone. There are drugs that are approved for controlling the problem and hair transplant surgery is a reliable treatment if appropriate."

>The study was published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery and was written by Lisa E. Ishi et al of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore.

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Hair Transplant comparison* before and after photos of a patient who had hair transplant surgery at the Farjo Hair Institute.

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