Less than half of Brits know good oral health lowers the risk of THIS disease


Only 45% of Brits know that a good oral health routine lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

This is according to new research from GSK consumer healthcare.

It also reveals only around 40% of UK consumers were aware of the link between oral healthcare and diabetes – as well as its impact on controlling blood sugar levels.

And 29% of consumers do not know that good oral health supports healthier pregnancies. 

Catch problems early

But why is it that dental hygiene and diabetes are linked, for example?

Problems with gums and teeth are more common in those with diabetes. As a result, good dental health is crucial to prevent complications developing. 

Keeping blood sugar within a normal range will reduce the risk. Ensuring you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and do not smoke tobacco can all help to reduce risks of dental problems arising. 

Regularly attending the dentist is also imperative. Although it may appear your mouth is healthy, minor issues can deteriorate rapidly and only a dentist will be able to catch the problems in their early stages. 

There are three stages of gum disease:

Gingivitis – the initial stage is caused by poor oral hygiene and irregular plaque removal from teeth. It usually manifests as swollen, tender and red gums

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