Just how much Botox is safe to use in one appointment?


News is that Botox is now being sought by an increasing number of young professionals anxious to remain poker faced in the boardroom and inscrutable in the courtroom.

Reportedly, professionals are seeking the 'frozen' look to mask their visual emotional reactions to workplace circumstances.

From lawyers to politicians, stockbrokers to detectives, for some jobs, masking facial expressions are important.

But this new trend in cosmetic procedures has left our experts here at Comparethetreatment.com a little puzzled.

Dr Rita Rakus understands only too well the wide appeal of injectables, but stresses that every patient is different when it comes to the ideal dosage.

At her London clinic, she has many regular patients who seek the treatment mostly for smoothing away wrinkles, but Dr Rakus cautions that any good clinician will always carry out an in-depth consultation before treatment.

She explains: ‘My patients have Botox for a variety of reasons but, before we carry out any treatment, we always analyse the face and decide on the appropriate number of units to inject.

‘This amount should effectively relax the facial muscles and eliminate frown lines, wrinkles, worry lines and crow’s feet whilst allowing natural facial movement and expressions to be maintained. It is also important to remember that injectables are not permanent and the effects will wear off after approximately four months.’

Facial injectables are hugely dependent on what the individual wishes to achieve and how they would like to look as opposed to their age.

Dr Rakus adds: ‘We have a range of clients who either want very subtle injectables to enhance their facial features or those who have Botox as a precaution because it helps to prevent wrinkles developing later on in life.

‘I would suggest asking your doctor for a lighter dosage of facial injectables if you are under 40 because younger muscles respond much better to this.

‘It is also very important to have an in-depth consultation with your doctor no matter your age to ensure you achieve the results you would like.’

But Botox doesn’t just address the aesthetic refinement of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr Rakus says: ‘We do find that professionals ask for Botox to manage excessive sweating of the armpits that don’t respond to topical treatment with an anti-perspirant. Botox works by blocking the nerve impulses to sweat glands, which in turn stops them from producing sweat. Most people will see an improvement within the first week after their injection and usually lasts for about seven months.’

She says: ‘However, we see the majority of our patients returning again and again for Botox to treat frownlines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, chin dimples and worry lines. And, because no recovery time is needed, many professionals go straight back to work after they have the treatment.

‘Facial injectables give quick results with very little downtime, and this is one of the reasons why we are seeing more and more people having these treatments as they are so pleased with the outcome.’

She adds: ‘When our patients have Botox, it normally takes around two weeks to see full results, but at even three to four days, most people will start to notice a difference with the results lasting up to six months.’
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