It’s official A dazzling white smile brings out the animal in you


A beautiful bleached smile makes you sexy and seductive.

That’s according to a recent study that confirms what the animal kingdom knew before us – a great smile has sex appeal.

And it’s even to the point that some of them evolved to include a perfectly crafted grin that’s designed to entice!

Experts in the animal world suggest that sabre-toothed animals display their canines in a seductive manner to either nail a partner or intimidate an enemy – meaning that those large white fangs are most definitely a sexual trait.

In new research, palaeontologists – or dinosaur experts to you and me and yes Ross from Friends was one – used different scans to uncover the mystery as to whether sexual selection was an important phenomenon in the history of mammals.

They found that those perfect pearly whites are designed to kill – and not just in the very real sense of the world.

Today’s species of sabre-toothed animals display their canine to seduce a mate as well as intimidate.

And the verdict is that these creatures evolved their dentition solely for these two reasons.

Experts now suggest that sexual selection may have played a more important role in the origin of mammals than previously thought.

But, what of us mere humans? How can we get the dazzling smile to attract a partner? And does it really matter what our teeth look like?

According to a report online at, white is most definitely in, thanks mostly (they say) to the ‘Essex effect’ – with TOWIE, X Factor runner up Rylan and model Jodie Marsh the prime influencers for us all.

P&G sales director Ian Morley – whose company produces the Oral-B range of powered toothbrushes and whitening toothpastes – says: ‘Oral health is increasingly looked at through a beauty lens.’

And therein lies the issue for those of us seeking an attractive and brighter smile – it needs to be healthy, too. So do speak to your dentist or dental hygienist about how best to get your dental health in tip-top condition before considering any cosmetic treatments – and that includes getting your teeth like a sabre-tooth animal!

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