‘It’s like having a hygienist in the bathroom’ – is this THE cleverest toothbrush ever


Looking to buy one of the most cutting edge electric toothbrushes on the market?

The tech team at Philips has certainly gone that extra mile with its new Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected – just the latest in a long line of their award-winning sonic oral health solutions.

Renowned for innovation, the company’s new product connects the digital world with dental care. Want to know how it works? Here, our oral health expert, dental hygienist Christina Chatfield, puts it through its paces.

Who is it aimed at?
Health conscious people who are connected with the digital world and like trusted technology and enjoy being keep updated. Most people have an iPhone that they update on a regular basis – and the ‘Fitbit community’ has taken the market by storm, constantly pushing us health professional to do better via social media.

How easy is it to use?
Its guided technology is like having a hygienist in the bathroom with you.

Will it improve my brushing technique?
Well, I thought I knew how to brush my teeth with a power toothbrush; let’s face it, I teach patients daily how to use one in their own mouths, so who would have thought it would teach me anything? But… apparently, I brush too hard, too fast and I jump around my mouth missing out bits, just like I used to do with a manual toothbrush. I was really shocked! Now, the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected makes me brush methodically and for the full two minutes. The app is visually very stimulating so, even after weeks of use, when I don’t have the app open I’m still very much aware of my weak spots; it keeps me brushing methodically to ensure I never miss bits. It’s very effective – you really cannot fail, so long as you follow what the app is guiding you to do.

Will it keep my teeth white?
Using anything new takes an adjustment time, but I am converted! I love how clean my teeth feel. Power brushes are great for inhibiting stain so, even if you clean well, there is the additional benefit of whiter teeth for longer in between visits to the hygienist.

You’re a dental hygienist so would you recommend it to patients?
I love power toothbrushes. I do not believe many people do an effective job using a manual toothbrush, but we still need instruction. Let’s be honest, we are all creatures of habit so it’s very easy to fall back into our old ways. This app helps to change that habit. I can think of many of my patients who’d definitely benefit from real-time actual brushing instruction. With a range of power toothbrushes on the market to suit all pockets and purses, it’s great to see innovation leading the way in improving our technique and the time we dedicate to the task.

For a start, it has great battery life. It improves cleaning in hard-to-reach areas so it helps to improve the overall health of the mouth, encouraging better brushing for longer. It prevents scrubbing so it’s ideal for those of us who are told we scrub too hard. It also inhibits stain build up so, if you like a glass of red wine or a coffee of two, this is the brush for you!

It may be considered a little high end price-wise (£250 on the high street) but it really is worth the investment if you consider the saving on dental bills! It would be fantastic if the app could record the results of more than one person.

But is it worth the price tag?
It really does depend on what – and where – you place your value. Innovation comes at a price. There are Phillips toothbrushes that come at a lower cost (as well as other lower price brand names) that, in the hands of the right user, will do a great job. I have already said this improved my technique. In my opinion, this is worth the price for what it delivers.

Is it nice looking?
Yes, and comes with a great travel case, too. It looks great in my bathroom and that is as good a reason as any to make the investment!

Does it feel nice?
It has a lightweight handle that fits to the grip of the hand well, which makes it easy to move around the mouth. It’s also very easy to clean – the unit connects well between the head and handle and the rest is safely sealed.

Tell me about the app that allows you to share results…
The app tracks daily brushing habits and stores the information about ‘coverage’, ‘pressure’ and ‘scrubbing’. A post-brushing report can be generated so you understand your performance. If you wish, the results can be sent by email to your hygienist, therapist or dentist. It stores up to six months’ information to refer back and it will also alert you when you need a new brush head and order it, too, so you are always using a head at optimum performance.

Any tips on how best to use it?
Use the app to begin with and read the instructions. You have to start on the top right-hand side of your mouth at the back cheek side every time for the brush to record your activity.

What are the results – short term and long term?
In the short term, it removes bacteria, improves technique and the time spent brushing teeth, ultimately improving our oral heath. The mouth is the gateway to our body, and moderate to severe gum disease is preventable but affects 40% of the adult population. It’s like having an ulcer the size of a 50p piece in you mouth! So, in the long term, it’s reducing the amount of bacteria that can use this as a passage into our bodies. Using this toothbrush, alongside good preventative and hygiene treatments, can help reduce the size of that ulcer – which means nearly 30 million people would benefit from improved oral health.

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