Is this THE best anti-ageing facial treatment combo EVER?


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The best treatments for anti-ageing are entirely what is the best for the patient – it’s as simple as that.

That’s according to leading cosmetic dentist Ian Hallam who, as a specialist in facial aesthetics, knows the perfect combination to turning back the clock on our ageing skin.

He reckons the most successful results with cosmetic procedures come with tailor-made treatments – and this relies on good communication between clinician and patient.

He says: ‘We need to assess cosmetic treatments on an individual basis and it depends on many factors, such as age, skin type and quality, general health and lifestyle.

‘The ageing process is a gradual one and affects people differently and at different ages.

Indeed, sometimes the rate of our skin ageing can be affected by outside agencies as well as diet and lifestyle habits.

A new study recently revealed that traffic-related air pollution may speed up the ageing process – not great news for those of us living and working in urban areas.

In fact, even a minor increase in air pollution increases the development of facial age spots by 25% and although a minimum of SPF 50 should be worn daily to protect our skin from the sun’s damaging rays that age, discolour and dehydrate skin, it cannot protect us from pollution.

Dr Hallam says: ‘The effects of ageing result in deflation of supporting fat compartments, loss of collagen and elastin in the skin, which leads to lines and wrinkles.

‘Skin laxity, when combined with deflation of fat compartments, leads to soft tissue descent and heaviness around the jawline and jowls.’

Additionally, bony remodelling occurs, which exaggerates these changes.

So, what are the secrets to successfully holding back the years?

He says: ‘The most effective treatments are most often a combination of treatments over the whole face to achieve a natural harmonious rejuvenation.

‘This often involves muscle-relaxing injections and fillers and to address skin laxity, a thread lift is advised, which is like a facelift without surgery.’

And finally, what is the icing of the cake when it comes to an anti-ageing facial makeover?

Dr Hallam says: ‘There is a whole range of dental treatments that can successfully restore a youthful appearance to a smile.

Crooked or missing teeth, unsightly gaps and yellowing or stained teeth age a face. Interestingly, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of us perceive people who’ve undergone a smile makeover as ‘more attractive, intelligent, happy and successful in their career’ as well as more appealing to the opposite sex.

As an anti-ageing cosmetic procedure, a smile makeover is an affordable way to turn back the years and, as Dr Hallam says: ‘We should never ignore a beautiful smile – and, to achieve this, it can simply involve teeth whitening or a smile makeover, involving cosmetic fillings, veneers or crowns.’


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