When smokers lines become a non-smokers problem:


A non smoker asks Dr Rita Rakus for advice on 'smokers lines' technically known as 'perioal lines'. These lines are mainly caused by repetitive muscle movement and cause 'dynamic wrinkles' in problem areas where these movements happen frequently:

Hi Dr.Have had my lips filled twice. only went to see if the lines I've got above top lip could be softened but does'nt seem to make any difference. Will anything? I've never smoked but lines are pretty bad.

Thank you for your message. Dermal fillers can sometimes be used to help fill ‘smokers lines’ around the lip area, but a range of other treatments including dermarollers, lasers and chemical peels
 In order to assess the most suitable option for you need to attend for a VISIA skin analysis and consultation (which is free of charge).

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