Is the Silhouette Lift a suitable treatment for a 35 year old?


I am 35 and the skin beneath my eyebrows and above my eyelids appears a lot heavier in the last few years than in my twenties.  Is the Silhouette Lift a suitable treatment for this kind of thing or would you suggest trying botox first?  I feel that 35 is pretty young to be having a ‘lift’ and so would ideally prefer the least invasive treatment first.

You are at the age when loss of collagen and effects of early ageing can be noticed and typically the upper eye area is the first area to be affected.
The sagging you describe can be attributed to flattening of the eyebrows, sagging of the upper eyelid skin or a combination of both. A  difficult problem to resolve without resorting to surgery but there are a few options you could try. You mention Botox which can help lift the eyebrows so the eyes seem more open but will not help lift the eyelid itself.

 As with all types if intervention - surgical and non surgical, research your chosen practitioner carefully. 
- Thermage radiofrequency can help tighten loose skin in the upper lid. 
- I have had some very good results using a combination of Silhouette Soft to the brow and iovera ('Frotox') to help stop movement in the forehead

Ms Angelica Kavouni

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