‘I want to have it done again’ – the wonders of non-invasive facial rejuvenation


A mother-of-six has turned back the hands of time on her appearance after a short, non-surgical procedure that has given her the lift she desired – without the need to go under the knife.

Karin Gold, from Ramsgate, Kent, now has a smooth and more youthful look, following the anti-ageing treatment, Silhouette Soft.

Many of us seeking treatments are increasingly treading carefully and avoiding the high risk, big-ticket surgical procedures in favour of less invasive solutions.

Among them, the 57-year-old support worker who opted for the minimally invasive Silhouette Soft, that helps lift soft tissue on the face.

She says: ‘I had seen it advertised and the results looked really good. I thought I should try it as my skin was quite saggy and tired looking.’

So in April this year, Karin took a trip to London’s Harley Street to undergo treatment.

‘The whole day was brilliant – I was a bit nervous. They took some “before” photos and then the procedure began.’

Lasting for a period of 12 to 18 months, a Silhouette Soft thread facelift involves placing sutures under the skin to lift and restore facial contours.

‘It only took about 20 minutes to half an hour,’ she says. ‘It hurt a little bit initially – perhaps the first couple of times the needle was used. It was sharp but my face was numbed, so after that it was fine.’

And what about the results?

‘I want it done again,’ says Karin, adding that her husband and all of her six children complimented her new youthful look.

‘All of my family and friends noticed. I didn’t think I could see a difference at first but then I looked at previous photographs and the change was really clear.’

The treatment lifts the areas of sagging skin in the mid face area, the jowls, the neck or the brow but there are no scalpels or general anaesthetic involved and it takes less than an hour to carry out.

The results are immediate, and the fact that there is very little bruising, if any, appeals to patients.

What’s more, the effects of the treatment get better in the ensuing weeks. Collagen diminishes in all of us as we age, so patients also love the fact that the treatment stimulates their bodies own collagen production, gradually, for three months after treatment. And as the collagen increases, so does volume in the cheeks and jowly areas; it restores a more youthful shape to the face.

Rest was the main component of the days following the procedure. Karin explains: ‘I had to rest a lot – luckily, I’d already booked a week off work before knowing I was having the treatment.

‘Ordinarily, I was told a few days off post-procedure would be fine. I had a few uncomfortable feelings in my face for a couple of weeks – but this is completely normal! It went away by itself.’

Silhouette Soft appeals to many patients who don’t like the idea of recovery time – they feel it draws attention to the fact they have had an aesthetic treatment – and the lack of downtime has been a contributing factor for its rise in popularity. 

It has been developed to meet the demand by an increasing number of us who want to rejuvenate our appearance but would rather opt for ‘something subtle’.

The treatment enhances the skin creating a, ‘natural looking,’ younger version of patients, rather than the more obvious ‘had work done’ look of yesteryear.

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