How your smartphone may soon be able to help you with a broken tooth


A new app that allows you to share your dental problems out of hours with a dentist may just save you from an emergency dash to the hospital.

That’s the hope of its inventors in the US who have designed the smartphone application so that it can snap pictures inside your mouth for you to share with the dental team – and all in just four minutes!

By sending them the images and accompany info – level of pain, where the tooth is located, medications and your general health – they can them make a decision on whether you need immediate care or if it can wait all without meeting you face to face!

Patients can be guided to supply key info by the new app, which will help a dentists to ascertain the level of the emergency – or indeed if it is one.

DentaCom aims to get rid of the problems a dental emergency can cause – seeing a medical expert who is not dentally trained and/or taking painkillers unnecessarily.

It’s the brainchild of Corey Stein, who dreamed up the idea after suffering a dental emergency himself.

He believes valuable time can be lost before professional dental treatment is received. The team believes it will enhance the whole dental experience!
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