How your gym workout is causing your bad breath – and why half your friends won’t let you know


New YouGov research reveals the extent to which we are prepared to let our close friends know about problems with their appearance, character and relationships.

And, although we’d avoid telling them they are bad parents or that they give bad presents, 41% of us would be prepared to let them know that they have bad breath with 51% happy to tell mates that they smell bad (51%).

So, when it comes to mouth malodour and body odour, what takes priority?

We can certainly see where a post-workout locker room chat may lead from a new survey that reveals nearly twice as many of use deodorant than mouthwash.

The poll suggests that nearly 80% of us Brits happily apply deodorant every morning in an attempt to avoid body odour – but we seemingly suck when it comes to bad breath (or halitosis as it’s properly known).

Despite this neglect of our mouths, more than 70% of those questioned admitted to worrying about their bad breath.

And for a third of those surveyed, their concerns were justified – with 32% being told they had bad mouth odour.

A dry mouth is often the biggest odour offender, as without adequate saliva the mouth becomes a breeding ground for plaque bacteria, which produce Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs), the cause of our bad breath.

Breath experts at UltraDEX surveyed 2,000 of the British public to find out the full extent of where we are going wrong when it comes to bad breath.

Skipping meals – especially breakfast – is an everyday hazard because failure to eat reduces the amount of saliva production that would otherwise clear food debris and bacteria build up that can lead to halitosis.

And for 95% of those surveyed, it was a shocker that giving a speech, a presentation or team talk can also lead to dry mouth and, subsequently, bad breath.

Besides the obvious issues of poor oral hygiene and dental health, exercise was another surprise in the ‘bad breath’ list of risks – with 94% of people polled totally unaware the mouth breathing can cause gums to dry and, therefore, create smelly breath.

So, next time you’re at the gym and sprucing up for the day or evening ahead – think about taking mouth spray, don’t forget your toothbrush as well as that can of anti-p!

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