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Anyone who braves public transport to get to work knows there are several unavoidable realities of commuting. A morning coffee is essential, eye contact with everyone (even if you know them) must be avoided and conversation with strangers is only for tourists. 

Your commute is your sacred time for clearing through junk emails before arriving at the office and, inevitably, you will be squashed uncomfortably close to someone with bad breath at least once a week!

UltraDEX has teamed up with leading dentist Dr Mervyn Druian to build a list of top tips to guarantee that you don’t become the commuting bad breath beast.

Inglorious mornings: Bad breath is often the worst in the morning due to open-mouth breathing overnight causing dryness. It is this dryness that allows bad breath bacteria to thrive.

‒         TIP Brushing your teeth: Not only does brushing add much needed minty freshness to our mouths but it helps to remove any debris stuck between our teeth. The massaging action on gums also helps to get rid of dead cells that have accumulated overnight.

Too rushed to brush: Many are guilty of pressing snooze too many times, or forgetting that early conference call. This can lead to bolting to the front door before remembering our mouths.

‒         TIP Contingency rinse: Giving yourself time to carry out your usual oral health routine will make you feel much fresher than those extra few minutes on the pillow. However, if you are out of time, at least swoosh with an alcohol-free oral rinse which contains fluoride to eliminate bad breath and protect your teeth and gums – until you find time to brush.

On-the-go breakfast: Skipping breakfast is one of the worst dirty habits for bad breath as it leaves the morning mouth dry allowing bacteria to linger. However, choosing something quick like a cereal bar can supply the mouth with sugar creating an even greater environment for bacteria to grow.

‒         TIP Eat breakfast: Eating breakfast gives your mouth that much needed saliva boost to flush the bacteria away. A piece of fresh fruit and a glass of water are the best on the go solutions.

Emergency supplies: Squeezing on to the correct carriage of the train for your stop can mean your face can end up much further into someone else’s personal space than either of you is comfortable with.

‒         TIP Confidence boost: The pocket-sized UltraDEX Fresh Breath Spray eliminates bad breath for 12 hours with just one pump. This is a fast-track to fresh breath before the hot and sticky commuter squeeze.

Dr Mervyn Druian comments: 'A busy work schedule means people look for shortcuts in their oral care routines. My watch-out is that rinsing will not compensate for brushing, but if you’re on-the-go the best tips are to drink water and have a quick pump of the UltraDEX Fresh Breath Spray to provide you with a fresh breath lifeline, until you can find time for an overdue brush and rinse.'

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