How to best close a gap in between my front two teeth?


A patient asks cosmetic dentist Dr Rahul Doshi for advice on closing the gap between her two front teeth:

Dear Dr Doshi,  I am 32 years old and have a gap of about 3mm inbetween my front teeth.  How would you suggest is best to close that gap, is a smile makeover the best solution, overall, my teeth are quite straight. Thanks L. Turner

Dear L, There are multiple options available depending on what you are trying to achieve and the presentation if your remaining teeth. They include :
1. Orthodontics or Short Term Orthodontics which may close the gap in a short period of time 
2. Composite Bonding
3. A smile makeover
I would suggest a consultation (often complimentary) to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option 
With Warmest Regards

Dr Rahul Doshi

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