How much maintenance is required for dental implants?


How do you look after the implants?

It is very important that you maintain good oral hygiene around your implants to improve their life span and reduce the chance of any problems. Cleaning your implants is not difficult.

For most implant-supported teeth you will be able to clean around each supporting implant by brushing and flossing in just the same way that you would around natural teeth and tooth-supported bridges. In some areas, special floss, interdental toothbrushes and other cleaning aids may be needed to maintain good oral hygiene. Your dentist or hygienist will advise you on the best products and techniques to use.

It is reasonable to expect some of the daily hygiene procedures to be a little more complex than around your original teeth and equally expect to spend more time than you may have done in the past if you wish to maintain optimum implant health.

For the first few months the implants are in place, your dentist may ask that you visit the practice more frequently, so the professional team can make sure they are healing properly. However, once they are satisfied your progress is going as planned, on-going care will be similar to any patient with natural teeth.
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