How does your oral health change during pregnancy?


Your body goes through a whole host of changes when you are pregnant. But a shift in your oral health is not one of the most obvious.

During pregnancy, you may experience some seemingly random tooth pain or see blood in the sink. Don't worry – the symptoms are normal. However you may want to book a visit with your dentist if you have any worries. 

Hormone changes

A rise in hormones such as estrogen has a number of effects, including vomiting and nausea. 

With an increase in stomach acid within the mouth, tooth enamel is at risk of erosion. 

Rinsing with water and brushing your teeth around half an hour after an episode of getting sick can help to keep oral health issues at bay. 

Sensitive gums

With blood volume also increasing during pregnancy, your gums are likely to get more puffy and red than usual. This could be one of the reasons why your gums are sensitive and why you might be seeing blood in the sink.

Opt for a brush with softer, less abrasive bristles and be extra gentle when it comes to flossing. 

Cravings and diet

Pregnancy cravings come in all shapes and sizes, with many going down the sugary route.

Beware of the impact it could have on your oral health if you are keen to avoid caries. Enjoy snacks in limited quantities and make sure you drink a glass of water (and later brush) afterwards. 

Updated 15th September 2022

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