Have you been using the right amount of toothpaste?


Brushing and cleaning our teeth is something that features in all of our daily routines.

But have you been doing it right? From brushing techniques to the length of time, there are a lot of factors that come into play with our oral hygiene habits.

One of these is how much toothpaste we should squeeze onto the bristles before scrubbing.

Of course, many adverts portray people covering the entire brush head with a thick smear of toothpaste. 

Effective clean

However a dentist has spoken out to remind patients of the correct amount – and you may find it saves you money.

Dr K Sarvendran took to Tiktok to slam the amount often illustrated in the media.

Instead she suggests all adults should use a 'pea size amount', which provides enough fluoride for an effective clean. 

In another video, she explains that for those under the age of three, only a grain or small smear should be used.

Top tips

Many users voiced their shock, expressing how they had been using far more than necessary.

She also offers up other top tips for better brushing. For example she encourages patients to hold the toothbrush with their fingers, rather than grasp it with the entire hand, to guarantee softer brushing.

She also emphasises that brushing straight away after acidic foods and drink is not the right move. 

You need to wait around 30 minutes to brush after consuming something acidic or sugary – brushing immediately does more damage than good. 

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