Key warning signs to avoid an orthodontic nightmare


You've made the decision to opt for orthodontics – but what's the next step?

With thousands of aligner providers across the UK, selecting one can be a daunting and overwhelming process. 

Dr Kaled Kasem, the chief of orthodontics at Impress, has revealed the key warning signs that a provider may not be as good as they claim they are:

1. They don't mention your oral health

Although orthodontic treatment improves the appearance of the teeth and how they work, the long-term health of your teeth and gums should be an absolute priority. If your orthodontist does not mention your oral health, it’s time to question whether they are right for you.

A clean and healthy mouth is of the upmost importance. There’s no point improving the appearance of your teeth if you’re not going to look after them and keep them healthy at the same time. 

2. They don't appear hygienic

If an orthodontist does not observe cleanliness and the right hygiene procedures, you should already be looking elsewhere

Orthodontists should be wearing a clean uniform, disposable gloves, a visor and a face covering.

If they are not, ask why – poor hygiene is a huge red flag and not something to ignore.

3. They have a bad reputation

Google is your friend in this instance. The best thing you can do is to thoroughly research the provider on reliable review sites. That way you know you’re getting a realistic indication of what the clinician and practice are like, if they are for you and, most importantly, if they are qualified to carry out the treatment. 

4. They don't have any specialty training

It's always worth bearing in mind that additional speciality training is required to become an orthodontist. A licensed orthodontist is trained to address a range of complicated issues such as bite misalignment or overcrowding. This demands up to 6,000 hours of working on patients under supervision.

If you’re visiting a dentist, check their credentials before taking any advice. 

Updated 10th November 2022

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