Five things your teeth say about your health


Teeth tell a lot about a person. But did you know that they can also reveal details about your health?

Experts from have put together a list of the top five health issues that your teeth can reveal. 

1. Anaemia and pale gums

If your gums are pale, this could be a sign of anaemia. Most commonly this is due to an iron deficiency. Those gums that are swollen, painful or ulcerative, however, are the biggest cause for concern. If you ever notice a change in your gums, a check-up with a clinical expert is advised.

2. Eating disorders and tooth enamel

Some eating disorders may involve vomiting, which leads to teeth consistently being coated in stomach acids. This can dissolve enamel coverings on the teeth, and can also lead to changes in shape, sensitivity and translucency. 

3. Oral thrush and HIV

Oral thrush is not usually seen in patients with normal immunity levels, unless they wear dentures. However as HIV weakens the immune system, you are at higher risk of suffering from thrush and other infection. Blood tests and general physical exams are the key to getting answers.

4. Osteoporosis and tooth loss

Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens the bones. Dentists and hygienists are often the first to notice a systemic change in bone density due to bone helping to keep teeth in place. If teeth move more than average during a check-up, it could be a telltale sign that the condition has taken hold. 

5. Kidney disease and tooth loss

Suffering from kidney disease can mean changes to taste, dry mouth and also mouth sores. When the mouth does dry out, the acidity increases. The low pH, therefore, can kickstart severe tooth decay. Other research also suggests that those with gum disease (periodontitis) are more at risk of developing kidney disease. 

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