Five superfoods to help your teeth stay strong


Just like the bones in your body, it is crucial that your teeth stay strong and healthy throughout your lifetime.

But unlike the rest of your body, many people do not know what is needed to keep their oral health in top condition. 

We have put together a list of superfoods to help keep your mouth healthy:


It is not very often that the good attributes of cheese are celebrated. But dairy foods are the best source of calcium and also contain casein protein, which helps to repair and build up enamel. 

Additionally its high levels of phosphate and calcium contributes to the strengthening of your teeth and the balance of the mouth's pH level.


Kale, as well as lettuce and spinach, are some key greens that help facilitate a healthy mouth. They almost act as a natural clean and are also great at generating more saliva.

What's more, they are full of vitamins, calcium and folic acid. Your gums will undoubtedly thank you for the latter.


From lentils and chickpeas to black beans and kidney beans, there's a legume out there for everyone. High in protein and fibre, like kale they are also packed with folic acid.

Additionally the magnesium in them strengthens enamel while the iron and zinc play a crucial role in fuelling the bone that supports teeth.


The avocado has become very popular in recent years – but for a good reason! They are a source of a variety of goodness, including vitamins C, E, K, and B6. It is also great for folate, magnesium, and potassium. One study has even linked avocados to oral cancer prevention. 


The vitamin A in carrots famously helps to improve our vision. But they are also a perfect aid to good dental health, full of fibre and great at producing more saliva. 

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