Eating frozen honey – why you should avoid the latest Tiktok trend


Health experts are warning people to avoid the latest social media trend – eating frozen honey. 

There has been an abundance of fresh trends sprouting up across the internet in recent months.

Tiktok in particular is home to a spectrum of popular food fads, from feta pasta to grilling sunflower heads.

'Dangerous' online trend

But now users have taken to eaten frozen honey. 

Racking in more than 900 million views, videos show them storing honey in an empty water bottle and place it in a freezer.

After it has frozen, they then squeeze chunks into their mouths with mixed reactions. 

But health experts, including dentists, have warned against the trend, arguing that it could lead to health issues. 

Short-term effects, for example, include stomach aches and diarrhoea.

Dental damage

One dietitian, Sarah Rueven told the New York Times: 'When you eat something that’s so high in sugar, you’re going to have an equally high insulin response, which often leads to you having that sugar high and then getting really shaky afterward as your blood sugar drops.'

Looking at the longer-term impact, experts have cited dental damage, tooth decay and weight gain. 

Dentists warn that biting the frozen honey runs the risk of breaking or chipping teeth.

Its high sugar content will also contribute to decay, a more gradual process but nonetheless one that should be avoided.

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