Doing Dry Jan? Here's 8 things that will happen if you quit alcohol


With Dry January well underway, you might be wondering what happens to your body after you purge it of alcohol. 

While everybody's body will react differently to the sobriety, here is what generally happens when you kick alcohol out of your diet.

Week one

  • Improved sleeping pattern
  • More energy and better physical performance
  • Fewer headaches.

If you drank six pints a week, for example, you have saved 1080 calories, or five chocolate bars.

Week two

  • Stomach lining normalised
  • Acid burn relieved
  • Stabilisation of stomach acid production

Week three

  • Blood pressure reduces
  • Better kidney health
  • Visions improved.

Week four

  • Better skin – more hydrated, increased cell turnover 
  • Liver function recovers.

Your liver plays a role in more than 500 bodily processes, including the conversion of nutrients, regulation of blood clotting, maintenance of hormone balances and energy production.

So in conclusion...

In all, everybody should experience improved concentration, better hydration, improved sleep and better memory. Dry January is great for improving general wellbeing and kicking off healthier habits to carry on further into 2022.

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