Dental implants or veneers?


A patient considering a new smile make-over wonders if veneers or implants are best:

I am 63 and considering implants or veneers, my teeth are rather uneven and yellow and look quite unsightly, which would you recommend at my age taking cost into consideration. Best Wishes Paul

The golden rule about implants is that they should be only considered replacements for teeth already missing or teeth that have a hopeless long term prognosis, not that they are used to replace teeth that are healthy. Veneers or ‘Bonding’ (maybe in combination with orthodontic treatment) are two treatments that would be considered more suitable to change the appearance of teeth that have a good long term prognosis. I guess it really depends on the quality of the teeth you already have, but  in particular if the gums and supporting tissues (bone and ligaments) are in good condition or could be made healthy with good survival expectations.
A thorough examination, diagnosis and consultation with an experienced dentist are the best place to start then you will have all the options best for you offered and discussed.
Kind Regards Mark

 Dr Mark Hughes
Senior Partner and Clinical Director 

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