Celebrities and health experts praise non-surgical ageing treatment


Wave goodbye to wrinkles – your face can now regain its youthful appearance, thanks to a new generation of fillers.

Actress Nancy Sorrell has praised the ‘instant’ effect of Ellansé fillers, saying they immediately smoothed out the creases in her face.

Ellansé dermal fillers and Silhouette Soft treatment are shifting the way aesthetic clinicians are putting life back into ageing faces. The treatments work by stimulating the body to generate lost collagen. These types of treatments offer the restoration of volume, paving the way for a more natural look.

Dr Ian Strawford explains how collagen begins to diminish in our twenties – and has dropped significantly by the time we hit our forties. This lack of collagen, he says, is what leads to ‘jowling jawlines’ and excess neck skin.

He adds that the combination treatments can lead to ‘natural regenerative results’ – all without the risk associated with invasive surgery. Dr Kuldeep Minocha also backed Silhouette Soft and Ellansé, saying the combination allow ‘flexible’ and ‘natural-looking’ results for patients.

Ellansé is also the first dermal filler to offer instant and gradual results, with effects lasting for up to four years. Silhouette Soft works by stimulating the skin with new collagen, which slowly works to return facial volume over a number of months.

The process has been likened to scaffolding – but for the skin. Celebrities such as Gillian Taylforth, Sharon Davies and Meg Mathews have publicly praised the procedure, which works to reverse the droops of cheeks and neck.

And 42-year-old Nancy Sorrell has hailed herself a devoted Ellansé fan, saying that her filler ‘even got better over time’. Even one of Europe’s leading consultant dermatologists, Dr Nick Lowe, said the ‘holy grail’ of facial rejuvenation would be an injectable to create lasting collagen.

For more information:

Dr Ian Strawford www.skinexcellenceclinics.co.uk
sinclair_pharmaDr Nick Lowe www.drnicklowe.com
Dr Kuldeep Minocha http://absoluteaesthetics.co.uk
Silhouette Soft www.silhouette-effect.co.uk

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