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How to move forward with your career

Three of the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 mentees are moving forward with their careers in more ways than one as they embark on Invisalign treatment to align their teeth, to give them more confidence when they smile.   Here is some more career advice courtesy of Align Technology:

1. How to move forward?  Three tips on career confidence  
• Smile - you can make yourself feel more confident by exuding confidence – so before you enter a meeting room, or give a presentation, put on your best smile. 
• Exude - if you project an air of confidence, it will instil a sense of certainty in others.
• Resilience –try to approach things with a positive attitude and look for the good things or learnings – there will always be something you can gain, even from a difficult situation.

2. How to move forward? Three tips on being confident at work 
• Send down the lift – if you are already successful, help elevate the next generation to reach the next level in their careers.
• The more others succeed, the more we succeed; team work, collaboration and sharing should be fostered in every organisation.
• Mentor – you will learn as much as the person you are supporting from mentoring young talents.  It should be a win-win scenario.

3. How to move forward? Three tips on work-life confidence
• Support – we spend more time with work colleagues than life partners, so it is vital to develop a mutually supportive and encouraging environment.  
• Give and payback – If you can support colleagues at times of stress or distress, they will have your back in return.
• Find time to laugh – there are great ways to release endorphins – exercise works and so does laughing!

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