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Bleeding gums what should I do?

Common sign of gum disease. Caused by a build up of plaque around the gum line- plaque is a mixture of debris and bacteria that stick to the teeth. Plaque can be removed with effective brushing and cleaning between the teeth.

Early gum disease (gingivitis) is a reversible where as periodontal disease damages the jawbone and ligament that connect the teeth and gums. This may lead to tooth loss.

Occasionally bleeding gums may be caused by an underlying medical condition. It’s important to visit a dental professional for a diagnosis.

What should you do?
1. Seek professional help
2. Regularly remove plaque from the teeth and gumline and in between the teeth, keep your mouth as clean as possible
3. Stay hydrated
4. Eat a balanced nutrient rich diet

Food traps around crowding/ spaces teeth
Food trapping is a common problem and can cause distress, irritation, disease and reduce self-confidence. There are many reasons why food might get trapped, large spaces, tight over crowded teeth, poorly fitting crowns/ fillings or dentures all can cause this problem. Left untreated bacteria and food impaction my lead to gum disease, pain or tooth decay, not to mention unsightly “picking out debris with sticks or fingers”!

There is clinical research that proves straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy, so it may be worth considering having large gaps closed or tight teeth aligned, to help reduce the problem.

Loose/ missing teeth
Tooth loss in adulthood is usually caused by injury or disease. It commonly causes distress, lack of self-confidence and can have devastating effects on a persons quality of life. There are many options available to replace missing teeth.
If you experience tooth loss or loose teeth its important to visit a dental professional for advice and discover what solutions are available.

Dark/ stained teeth
There are many factors that may cause tooth discoloration. Teeth may be stained from foods or tobacco, they may just be a darker colour internally or, if the nerve inside the tooth dies the tooth may go darker or black over time. Unsightly discoloration may cause low self esteem, reduce confidence and social elevation.

External staining can be reduced simply by reducing staining causing factors along with professional cleaning and an electric toothbrush. Some toothpastes may also help break down the stain particles, although you should watch out for abrasivity. You can visit a dental hygienist or therapist without seeing a dentist for professional cleaning. An air-polish is a great way to reduce deep stains and protect the tooth surface, ask your dental professional for their advice.

I don't smile as I am embarrassed
This is very common and unnecessary. If embarrassment affects your ability to smile or communicate its important to establish why? Is there something a dental professional can do. It may be that non invasive whitening procedures can boost your confidence or orthodontics can close spaces or reduce the crowding. If you have suffered with tooth loss or drifting teeth its time to seek professional advice to establish what treatments are available to you.

I have a fear
It's very common to fear the unknown and often the hardest step is the first step. If you have a fear or phobia take time to research and decide on the right dental professional for you. Often once you have taken the plunge its easier to move forward with dental treatment if it is required. Don't let fear keep you away from a healthy smile.

My crown/ veneer doesn't match
If you have a mismatch of tooth shades or your crown notices, the most important thing to do is discuss this with your dental professional.
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This article was updated on the 30th November 2020.

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