Anti-aging steps to transform your beauty regime


Age is just a number, that’s what everyone should believe. There’s no golden rule to say someone should look their age and although you can’t literally wind back the years, there are ways you can help gain a younger you. Transform your beauty regime forever with these anti-ageing steps for healthier and younger looking skin.

Cleanse Your Skin

It’s important to cleanse your skin on a daily basis as it can help to wash away any natural skin oil and bacteria that have formed throughout the day. Cleansing your skin also means any care products that you use can work more effectively. Be sure that the cleanser you use is gentle to prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated and damaged. A high PH on the cleanser is something that you should avoid as it can be really harsh, increasing the chances of irritation. Sodium lauryl sulfate is also another ingredient to avoid as it can have a similar effect.


As you get older, your skin’s replenishment process slows down with dead skin cells taking longer to be replaced by fresh ones. This makes them vulnerable to cracking and appearing dull. Exfoliants are a great way to help remove the dead skin cells off your skin. They can take 2 forms: physical and chemical. Just be wary of physical exfoliants as some can be very harsh on your skin and can make your skin open to sagging, especially with items like sugar scrubs. Instead, opt for a cloth or soft sponge instead that are gentle on the skin.

Chemical exfoliants help to break down the dead skin cells to allow new ones to form more easily. The best exfoliants to look out for are those which contain AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) such as lactic acid which help to moisturise and exfoliates your skin. 

Keep It Light With Your Serums

The difference between serums and moisturisers and serums is that serums tend to contain higher levels of concentrated ingredients. This is why you should apply serums gently on your skin, patting it into your skin rather than rubbing it. When looking out for a serum, the best ingredients to look for are ones that derive from vitamin A such as retinoids which help to increase collagen in your skin.

Moisturise Daily

Sebum is an oily secretion that is formed from the sebaceous glands that helps to keep skin moisturised. As you get older, the production of sebum decreases, making your skin dry out easily. This is one of the main causes of skin hydration, resulting in tough, dry skin. This is why it’s important to moisturise on a daily basis. Look out for moisturisers that contain ingredients such as glycerine and hyaluronic acid which are substances that help to prevent loss of moisture. Also, make sure that your skin is clean when you moisturise to prevent bacteria from being trapped.

Protect Your Skin

The main reason why wrinkle builds is due to damage to the skin. As you get older, skin becomes more fragile and sensitive, so how you apply and treat your skin should be taken with more caution. “Sleep wrinkles” can form by pressing your face against a pillow whilst you sleep. Rubbing and tugging at your skin whilst washing your face or applying skin care products can also contribute to skin damage.

These pointers shouldn’t just concern your face either. Look to implement these all over your body, including your neck and hands. These are visible the majority of the time, so a way to cover your true age is to apply your daily skin routine’s to these areas too.

Bio: This article was produced by Jamie Costello, a biology student based in Manchester. He’s currently studying Biological Sciences (BSc) and writes articles as part of his course as well as an extracurricular activity. He’s had the benefit of working alongside an aesthetic clinic Manchester based which has helped him to expand his knowledge on the subjects he studies. When he’s not studying he enjoys watching Sports and spending time with his University friends.

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