4 ‘must have’ body language tips – and how a genuine smile will trump the competition


Cast your mind back to THAT meeting after the US elections when President Barack Obama first met up with Donald Trump – now, how awkward was that body language!

Despite both men claiming it had been a ‘productive meeting’, their actions spoke loudest.

No surprise when you consider that non-verbal communication accounts for a remarkable 75-80% of how we interpret what others are (or aren't) saying.

Add to this the fact that there is only a very small window of opportunity to make a great first impression and, with all the cosmetic enhancements in the world, we will fail miserably if we don’t nail that all-essential positive vibe..

Like it or not, our appearance plays a vital role in securing that much-desired job, date or friendship group.

It is therefore important to understand what messages our body language conveys and whether it's necessary to tweaked them a touch to turn the negatives into something much more positive.

In a world focused on aesthetics, presentation can make or break a deal, and this doesn't just apply to sales or hospitality sectors.

Whether we’re seeking a new soulmate or a new career path, how we appear to others counts.

So, what's in our to-do or watch list?...

1. Strike a pose. Don't slump and hold your head up high. Open body language shows positivity and confidence. A firm handshake is a small but important gesture. Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you know you look great in. This will not only serve to enhance your look, it'll make you stand tall – if you feel good, you'll look good. Avoid crossing your legs and folding arms – this can appear closed off and hostile.

2. Make eye contact. Don't be too intense but do look at the person when you are speaking to them and try to avoid become distracted by any background activity. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone only to realise they're looking at something – or somebody – slightly to the left of your ear behind you. And don’t just look as if you’re listening, do exactly that or you'll get caught out if they've asked a question and you're just nodding absentmindedly!

3. Keep legs, arms, feet and fingers in check. Fidgeting is a very off-putting habit and suggests boredom or disinterest. Even if tapping or clicking your fingers, swinging your foot or twirling your hair is simply a nervous habit, try to keep it in check.

4. Smile – and make sure it’s a genuine one! According to statistics from the States, 96% of us reckon an attractive smile makes a person more attractive, with 74% believing in a poor smile impedes our chances if climbing up the career ladder. Greeting others with a smile is, quite simply, key to everything that follows. According to Adrian Furnham in The Surprising Psychology of Smiling, smiling is the outward manifestation of happiness and serves to connect us. Smiling makes us appear happy, approachable and confident. Let’s face it, we've all been on the receiving end of a grumpy waiter or shop assistant and a closed mouth is often off putting. But, what if we are struggling to smile with confidence? If we suffer with decayed or stained teeth, we may resort to hiding a smile behind our hands and this can prove a stumbling block in social circles as well as the work environment. According to statistics, an increasing number of us are seeking cosmetic dental treatments to fix our smiles – dental implants, orthodontics and veneers are an huge investment of time and money. Initially, an appointment with your dental hygienist can out you on to the road of recovery if your dental problems are hygiene rated. Improving your dental health with proper toothbrushing and interdental cleaning and doing so regularly can solve many problems. Additionally, teeth whitening can also add the ‘wow’ factor to any smile, especially if you have an ageing dentition, or teeth are stained by coffee and red wine or simply are in need of added sparkle. White Dental Beauty is perfectly placed to meet your teeth whitening needs. Affordable and effective, it can address ageing discoloured teeth as well as those stained by food or drink. There is even a more sensitive-kind mild version for those of us who struggle with sensitivity. And it is gels are all formulated to maintain a neutral pH, with water content aimed at avoiding teeth dehydration. Gently flavoured with a minty taste, they include a desensitising agent to prevent. that painful post-treatment sensitivity, Enhancing a smile needn’t be costly. Speak to your dentist about White Dental Beauty today.
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