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  • My teeth are misaligned
  • I would like to straighten my teeth without traditional, wired braces

ClearCorrect is an affordable, effective and quick teet straightening solution using removable, clear aligners. Some patients will wear the aligners for 6 months, others for up to a few years. It depends on the patient and their individual needs.

ClearCorrect is a popular straightening system manufactured and developed in Texas, America. A straightening system with invisibility and removable features, many are unaware of those wearing these aligners, and therefore ClearCorrect is suited to those who would like a less, more discreet solution to the traditional approach of visible, wired and fixed braces. 

There are two main steps to the ClearCorrect procedure:

1. Provider and Consultation – Finding a ClearCorrect provider and booking a consultation. Your teeth will be assessed by taking photos and x-rays, and developing a unique patient ClearCorrect treatment plan.  

2. ClearCorrect Aligners – A series of aligners will be customised to apply pressure to the targeted areas and the alignment procedure is commenced. Process will be recorded and analysed. This treatment is unique to the patient and therefore every ClearCorrect journey is different in terms of alignment approach, and timings. It is recommended to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. 

The treatment process and results are unique to the patient. Some will wear the aligners for 6 months, others for up to a few years.  It depends on the patient and their individual needs. On consultation, you will be given a rough time frame, and this will be updated and assessed as the months go by. 

Most dentists will recommend wearing a retainer after any orthodontic procedure to prevent the movement of teeth and relapse. 

Cost will be largely dependent on the individual and complexity of the case. This is something that can be discussed on consultation with your dentist. 

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