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Surgical Fat Reduction
  • I have cellulite
  • I have unwanted fat pockets
  • I want to treat my unwanted fat pockets surgically

Surgical treatments are invasive procedures on the body which change the physical body tissue and organs. This is achieved via a professional surgeon, and can be both medically or cosmetically inclined.

Surgical treatments are invasive procedures on the body which change the physical body tissue and organs. This is achieved via a professional surgeon, and can be both medically or cosmetically inclined.

Surgical Fat Reduction currently sits in the top ten cosmetic treatments, at spot number 7, with a 3% rise over the past two years.

More and more people are turning to cosmetic treatments as an approach to improve and enhance their appearance goals. Surgical Fat Reduction is suited to those who have struggled to reach their weight goals with exercising and beauty treatments, and are comfortable to tackle their unwanted fat invasively. 

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Surgical fat reduction treatments look to help those suffering from pockets of fat or cellulite (dimpling of the skin) where gym time, or even the strictest of diets, have been unsuccessful efforts to enhance appearance.

Liposuction is one possible surgical fat reduction treatment. It can be used on most areas of the body, and commonly used to remove fat in typical ‘problem’ areas such as the tummy, around the hips and bum, the chest, tops of the legs and thighs, around the upper arms (also known as bingo wings), and on and around the face in areas like the chin and neck. 

Liposuction is not a cure for cellulite and won’t prevent the patient from putting weight on. However, keeping your diet and weight in check, it will help to enhance and reshape problem areas and create a slimmer, healthier silhouette. Some patients may require a second round of liposuction to enhance, and achieve full desired results, or maintain the achieved result, depending on the level of cellulite and degree of fat pockets.

Micro-Lipo is a form of Liposuction which also looks to treat pockets of fat and cellulite surgically, but only minimally invasive. Alike to Liposuction, Micro-Lipo aims to enhance the contours of your body, improving your definition and physique. It can be used on the arms, inner thighs, chin, knees and the tummy. 

Outcomes will vary depending on the individual and level of treatment required. This will be discussed on consultation.

Both treatments, but more specifically, Liposuction is not seen as painful, but can be discomforting in the form of stinging or pressure as fat is removed. There may be slight bruising and swelling from both treatments, but this should not last for more than a few days – week.

Typically, with Liposuction and Micro-Lipo, results can be seen immediately after undergoing treatment, and as a patient, you will be able to notice a definite change in your body’s shape. However, overall results of the procedure will become identifiable around 3-4 weeks after treatment.

It is important to note that surgical fat treatment procedures are not a solution to long-term dieting plans or weight loss regimes. They look to treat cellulite and pockets of fat, which can be long-lasting if healthy lifestyle habits such as good nutrition and an exercise regime are fulfilled. Only then will the results of Micro-Lipo and Liposuction be maintained. Gaining weight, especially excessively in a short pace of time, will affect the treatment areas, and it is likely cellulite and pockets of fat will re-appear.  

A regular exercise regime and a healthy diet is recommended to maintain Surgical Fat Reduction Treatments, both Liposuction and Micro-Lipo. 

Cost is dependent on the individual, number of treatment areas and level of treatment. Typically, Micro-Lipo starts at around £2,800 and Liposuction varies between £1,500-£5,000.

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