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ZERONA™ Laser Treatment
  • I would like to kick start my fat removal journey
  • I am unable to remove fat via exercising and dieting
  • I would like to remove unwanted fat

ZERONA™ Laser Treatment is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment carried out via laser technology, where the patient does not have to undertake invasive surgery. The treatment is commonly used on the thighs, hips and waist & is suited to all body types.

ZERONA™ Laser Treatment is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, like that of Liposuction, but is carried out via a new laser technology, without the patient having to undertake surgery. The treatment is commonly used on the thighs, hips and waist, and is suited to all body types and ages.

ZERONA™ can provide start-up opportunities to enhance body shape, and tackle unwanted fat, especially for those who have struggled to do so through dieting and exercising. It not a weight loss treatment, but can be a perfect solution as a start to achieving goals if lifestyle habits can complement results. 

On consultation, patients will be able to discuss the process of ZERONA™, what is involved, how long the treatment will take and any questions they may have concerning removal of excessive fat, and the procedure. Each patient is unique and therefore consultation is an important pre-treatment period in fully understanding the non-surgical technique. Treatment areas will be discussed and examined. It is important to ask and follow your consultant’s advice to maintain results, and make the most of your treatment.

On treatment day, you will lie under ZERONA™ for approximately 60 minutes, usually half and half on your front and back. During this time, ZERONA™ Laser Treatment will break down excessive fat.

Fat cells are disrupted by the ZERONA™ lasers which cause them to leak and breakdown, thus reducing fat.

A 10-minute plate vibration workout may be required by some patients to stimulate the lymphatic drainage which is included in your quoted price. Usually if you exercise often, plate vibration will not be necessary. 

ZERONA™ Laser Treatment results are progressive, and will become fully visible after two weeks.

There is no sign that you have undertaken ZERONA™ as it has no direct interaction with the body. Also, there is no bruising or swelling from the treatment, no pain is felt and there is no sensation (the procedure does not emit heat, nor cold). Therefore, ZERONA™ has zero downtime and lifestyle activities are not affected.

Treatment results will remain the same if you complement this with a healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise regime. 

Cost is dependent on the individual and is something that can be discussed on consultation. However, a typical treatment of courses e.g. 9 would start around £700. 

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