We’re rooting for you, Jeremy! Clarkson dons a ‘raincoat for teeth’ as he undergoes dental treatment


Jeremy Clarkson took to Instagram this week as he prepared for a spot of root canal treatment.

The selfie showed him gowned up, protective glasses on and with rubber dam in place, one tooth in isolation.

Captioning the pic, he commented: ‘So. How was your morning?’

Last month, the story of a woman who ingested an endodontic file during root canal treatment hit the headlines and illustrated just how important rubber dam is during any dental procedure, such as endodontic treatment or having tooth-coloured fillings.

For those who don’t know, a rubber dam is the blue sheet of latex pictured here with Jeremy – its job is to isolate the tooth a dentist is treating.

The dentist will use a hole puncher to create the gap for the tooth and don’t worry if you’re allergic to latex – there are non-latex versions available.

This so-called ‘raincoat for teeth’ not only prevents saliva from getting to the tooth while it’s being treated) it also meets the need of bonding materials that require a dry, clean environment to work.

Plus, it helps to prevent our tongue getting in the way during treatment and stops any bits of debris or tiny files slipping down the throat – hence, the need for it when the poor patient swallowed that endodontic file!

And, rest assured, you can breathe and swallow normally. There is lots of room either side when the dam is put on a frame and the dentist will use the suction tube to get rid of any saliva build up.

We often require root canal treatment is necessary if the pulp of a tooth is infected and spreads into the root canal, causing an abscess – and don’t even think about having it pulled out, a dentist would far rather save a tooth than carry out an extraction.

Root canal treatment is a relatively straightforward treatment and can even prove so painless that some patients have been known to fall asleep during the procedure!

Some dental clinics go that extra step in ensuring comfort during lengthy treatments, offering video glasses so you can watch your favourite movie or even an episode of The Grand Tour – just don’t expect the popcorn!
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