The ‘designer vagina’ – girls younger than 15 are undergoing these procedures – we reveal why it may be best to wait


In a recent study it’s been revealed that girls younger than 15 have been undergoing surgery in order to have their desired ‘designer vagina’. In the last year alone, the desire for a ‘designer vagina’ has grown by almost 50%, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

What’s even more alarming, is that out of 200 girls who’ve undergone the labiaplasty procedure, over 150 were aged under 15. 

While many women possess the desire to change the appearance of their nether regions, experts suggest that undergoing the treatment at a young age can be potentially damaging as teenagers are still in the early stages of development, and that a change to their vagina could be potentially problematic.

According to industry experts, the ‘designer vagina’ treatment is the fastest growing procedure that’s requested by young women who wish to ‘look like Barbie’ down below. 

In an attempt to inform women about the procedure and to hopefully slow down the increasing trend, The BritsPAG society has put together a booklet demonstrating the normal changes and occurrences in the appearance of women’s vaginas. The booklet aims to reassure those women seeking the surgery, and aims to help educate them about the procedure as there’s currently very little information available about the potential dangers of carrying out the surgery.

While the surgery itself isn’t thought to be damaging to older women, there can be a number of risks involved in younger women who decide to undergo the procedure. Teenagers haven’t fully finished developing and their bodies are still susceptible to many changes; changes that shouldn’t be interfered with via a labiaplasty. 

Compare the Treatment recognises that the increase in women wanting this procedure is growing at a rapid rate and we fully recommend undertaking extensive research before deciding to undertake the procedure. We believe that better education should be carried out regarding the procedure to help prevent young women investing in an operation that could be detrimental to their growth and development at such a young age.

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