Non-Surgical Vaginal tightening in the UK


The following reasons can cause reduced vaginal elasticity which means the skins natural collagen is replaced with skin fibres which do not stretch as well as they used to:

  • Childbirth
  • Obesity
  • Ageing
  • Surgery
  • Menopause

CO2RE® Intima is a quick, non-surgical in-office laser procedure to restore vaginal health. CO2RE Intima treats all 3 of a woman’s intimate areas – the vaginal canal, external vulva / labia, as well as the introitus, i.e., opening to the vaginal canal. CO2RE Intima uses laser energy to treat the changes and symptoms women may be experiencing related to vaginal wellness or appearance by:

Treating dryness, itching and pain, restoring vulva and vaginal tone, flexibility and relieving signs of childbirth and aging.

Here's what some patients have had to say following treatment:

It has changed my life…it has changed my life 100%.I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse, I always said no, later. Now I feel so different… I would recommend it for any woman.

Rosa, Age 58Louisville, KY

Just thought it was something we had to live with. Now it’s like being young again... I’ve been married for 46 years.

Donna, Age 65Louisville, KY

I was having painful intercourse.I’ve already been recommending it (CO2RE Intima) to my family and friends – friends mostly my age - going through menopause.

Kathy, Age 54Jacksonville, FL

NB. You should not undergo non-surgical this treatment if you are pregnant. (In most cases you will be advised to wait until at least 3 months after the birth of your child.) 

Many specialists will also not treat patients who are breast feeding.

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