Leaky Bladder


Women of all ages have issues with loss of bladder control, reasons for this can be reoccurring Urinary Bladder Infections, medication, some hormone medications, and cancer and diabetic drugs, and of course the main factors are childbirth and menopause, more than 3 out of every 5 women suffer from incontinence issues after having babies, and if it occurs prior to menopause, it will definitely worsen with the lack of hormones in the area after menopause.  Many women come to us with the impact this has on their lifestyle, and we can safely correct these, one to three treatments are recommended depending on age and severity of issues, probably the worst impact is frequency of visits to the toilet, leakage even with mild exercise, sneezing and coughing, and interruption of sleep.  The treatment is safe for all women, and the treatment is carried out with the latest technology in the clinic, no need for a hospital stay, and the whole procedure is very comfortable.  We would love to help you. So please call us on 0141 2222 503.

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